Sylvia Coleman, BA, CMT, an award-winning, health journalist, created the Black Sexual Abuse Survivors Web site as both an extension of her own recovery, and as a result of her work with black sexual abuse survivors.

Coleman, an incest survivor, first got on the journey toward healing in 2000 when she began remembering the molestation she endured as a child at the hands of her older brother and cousin. She sought help from a variety of resources including traditional therapy and support group. During the process of her recovery, Coleman noticed how difficult it was to find a support system specifically for African-American men and women recovering from childhood sexual abuse.

Addressing this need, Coleman created the “From Victim to Victor” workshop for black male and female, childhood sexual abuse survivors in 2003. In 2007, she recognized the need for a larger support system that could reach more black sexual abuse survivors. That same year, Coleman applied for a Leeway Foundation grant to develop an online support group for this population. In 2008, the Black Sexual Abuse Survivors Web site was launched.

Most recently, Coleman will be releasing her first book, “Creating a New Normal: Cleaning Up a Dysfunctional Life.” The book details her journey toward recovery from sexual abuse.
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